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Dongguan Starry Paper Products Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of various types of paper printing and packaging products,including the high quality deluxe gift boxes,cosmetic boxes, paper packaging boxes,paper bag, file folders & stationery,notebooks and brochures.

The factory was established in 2003,covering an area of 10000 square meters. with 300 skilled workers, 4 sets of "Heidelberg" and "Roland" printing machines,we also have digital pre-press devices and automatic post-press facilities, our company is well equipped. In addition, we passed ISO9001:2008 certification. We assure our customers of high-quality products at competitive prices. FSC and SEDEX are also our honors.

As a responsible and credible factory, caring about integrity, with a well-established quality management system and an environment-friendly production system, Dongguan Starry Paper Products Co.,Ltd  has obtained respect and trust from costumers. Be a Printer, Be an Expert. Our factory is equipped with 4 sets of "Heidelberg" and "Roland" with five-color machines, UV printing machines, automatic die-cutting machines, omnipotence folding paper machines and automatic glue-binding machines. Moreover, the continuous improvement of scientific management and enhancement of quality control procedures have enabled us to effectively maximize customers' values by fulfilling their specifications in a positive manner. 

Due to our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Japan, and the Middle East. Under a modernized management system, what we offer to customers are not only high-quality products but also trustworthy services. 

To ensure the superior quality of each product, to ensure meet the demands of every customer. the factory have a professional sound quality management system and improving the service concept.Dongguan Starry paper products Co.,Ltd have cooperated with Victory's Secret, Armani,Disney,Colorpop, we have established a long-term and stable partnership, Dongguan Starry paper products Co.,Ltd has high quality products and competitive price to meet your needs and looking forward to your cooperation and work with you towards a successful future!thank you!

For more information about printing and packaging products, pls don't hesitate to contact us. Meeting customers' needs and maximizing efficiency, we are looking forward to building up long-term cooperation with you.


Contact: Brady Lau

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Email: sales1@starry-packaging.com

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