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How to Make a Folded Paper Gift Box

Make an Origami or Folded Paper Gift Box

Make Folded Paper Boxes
 Make Folded Paper Boxes.

Paper boxes are great fun to make and can be adapted to a wide variety of ways. This simple folded box is made from two sheets of square paper and can be made in any size depending on the size of the paper you use. These make great gift boxes and are also perfect for party or wedding favors. Customize the boxes with rubber stamps and other embellishments. The following pages give a step by step guide explaining how to make this cute folded box.

Mark Center of the Square

Mark Center of the Square

Materials Required

  • Square of cardstock (any size, the finished box will end up 25% of the diagonal measurement)
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Bone folder

This is a clever design for a box that can be adapted to any size of square. The top, sides, bottom and even inserts for the inside can all be stamped.

Any sized paper can be used as long as it is a square. The finished box will always end up a quarter of the size of the original square when measured from corner to corner.

Take any size square of paper or cardstock. Draw two lines diagonally from corner to corner. This will form a large X, marking the center of the square. Don´t worry about marking the paper as the marks will be on the inside and therefore will not be seen.

Tip: Practice on scrap paper and keep any finished boxes to try different rubber stamp positioning and techniques.

  • First Fold

    Fold Corners Into the Centre

    In turn, fold each corner into the center of the square. Firmly crease the fold.

    Tip: Use a bone folder to help make a crisp fold this will help to give you a great quality finish.

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    Second Fold

    Fold Corner to First Fold Line

    Fold the first corner to the line of the first fold made, on the opposite side. Repeat for each corner.

    Tip: Be careful when folding the third and fourth corners not to fold to the wrong line.

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    Third Fold

    Make Final Fold

    Fold each corner to meet the nearest fold line.

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    Make Cuts

    Cut Corners

    Make four cuts as indicated in the picture. It makes no difference which corners are used as long as they are opposite each other.

    Tip: Now is the best time to stamp the box, remember to leave enough time for the ink to dry before completing the box.

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    Finishing the Box, First Fold

    Fold Opposite Corners to the Center

    Fold the two corners without cuts into the center.

    Tip: A dab of glue will help hold the folds in place, however, this is not essential.

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    Finishing the Box, Second Fold

    Fold Edges to Form Sides

    Fold edges up as shown, this forms two of the sides of the box.

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    Finishing the Box, Third Fold

    Fold in Cut Ends

    Fold the cut ends in at either end of the box.

  • 10of 10

    Finishing the Box - the Final Fold

    Finished Box

    Fold the two remaining pieces into the middle of the box, this will securely hold the box together and there is no need to add glue.

    Make a base in exactly the same way, however, cut the square a fraction smaller so the base will fit into the top.

    Finish the box with stamping or embossing. Try adding stamped embellishments, or stamp some ribbon and tie into rosettes to top the boxes.

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